The Importance of Ridge Vents for Your Home

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In general, home ventilation has the function to circulate air from the outside into the room and vice versa, so that there is a healthy air circulation to breathe. Ventilation is also an outlet for pollution from inside the house.

This air circulation aims to create the availability of clean air that is low in pollution and aims to maintain a comfortable humidity and temperature for occupants of the house. Good ventilation is also an important factor that can have an impact on the productivity and activities of its occupants.

Type Of Home Ventilation

Basically, home ventilation has two types, which are mechanical air ventilation or artificial air ventilation and natural air ventilation.

Artificial (Mechanical) Air Ventilation

Artificial (mechanical) air ventilation is ventilation that uses a device such as a fan that helps to exchange the air in the room. Examples of artificial ventilation include :

  • Exhaust ventilation

As the name implies, this exhaust vent serves to take dirty air into the room and then throw it out. This ventilation has a shape like a fan but certainly has a different function.

  • Wall ventilation

This type of mechanical ventilation has the same shape as exhaust ventilation. But if the exhaust ventilation only works in one direction, the wall ventilation can work in both ways.

  • Industrial ventilation

You must be familiar with the shape that resembles the dome of a mosque rotating above industrial factories. It is a vent that serves to remove air from inside the room to the outside.

Natural Air Ventilation

After knowing artificial ventilation, the following are natural air ventilation, examples include :

  • Loster

The loster is a traditional type of ventilation that is still used today. Loster ventilation is usually applied to one side of the house wall and then dynamically arranged. By using Loster, you will get maximum air that enters from the ventilation holes.

  • Nako ventilation

This vent is made of glass. The placement of these vents is arranged in stages and can be opened and closed.

  • Window ventilation
  • Ridge vent is an opening at the highest part of the roof of the house. This vent will be a place for the hot air that rises to the roof of the house to escape. In essence, you need to install ventilation at the top or top of the roof of the house.
  • Ridge vents

Ridge vent is ventilation at the highest part of the roof of the house. This vent will be a place for the hot air that rises to the roof of the house to escape. In essence, you need to install ventilation at the top or the top of the roof of the house.

Is A Ridge Vent Good For Home?

The ridge vent basically functions to remove the hot air in the attic and breathe cold air into the roof. Air circulation that occurs in the ridge vent mechanism keeps the air moist and avoids extreme air such as cold floors and hot roofs. This ridge vent is one of the best ways to keep the air temperature in your attic. some experts even say that the ridge vent is the most efficient and cost-effective air circulation system.

Benefits Of Ridge Vent For Your Home

Here are some of the advantages of using a ridge vent for your home circulation that you must know :

  1. Good airflow

Basically, ridge vents provide good airflow because ridge vents keep the air temperature stable by expelling hot air into the attic and sending cold air to the roof.

  1. Reduce indoor pollution

By installing a ridge vent, the air quality in your home will be better. because the air quality is good, you will reduce the risk of various symptoms caused by air pollution such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and respiratory infections.

  1. Prevent rodents

The design of the shape, size, and location of the ridge vent installed on the roof of the house will not let rodents such as mice and others into the house through the roof.

  1. Weather changes do not affect

A properly installed ridge vent does not affect the weather changes that occur in your area.

That’s a review of the advantages of installing ridge vents on the roof of your house.