What Is Tar Paper and the Available Types in the Market

What is tar paper? This part of roofing system has existed for more than 100 years. This material provides quite an extensive lifespan at roughly 30 years with the right maintenance. For a lot of homeowners with flat roofs and some with sloped roofs, it makes a great choice due to the affordable price point.

You may find the tar paper being marketed under other names such as roofing felt or roll roofing. Basically, it is a layer that provides protection by being installed between the roofing shingles and roof deck. Modern tar paper typically made from adjusted bitumen combined with either polyester or fiberglass, but mostly polyester due to its better tear-resistance characteristic. It is widely used for flat roofs because it suits excellently with the normal movement made by this particular roofing type.

Currently, there are three different types of tar paper you can choose in the market. What works best for your roof may depend on a few different factors such as the size of your roofing or whether you prefer to install the component by yourself or by professional roofers.

what is tar paper

Here are the three tar paper types:

  • Torch-on felt

This tar paper type comprises three bitumen layers melt-welded by a blow torch onto the roof with a purpose to create a watertight seal. This specific type of roofing felt requires you to install all three layers if it’s applied on a occupied section of a house, while for areas like garages and sheds, you may only need two layers.


  • Self-adhesive felt

The next tar paper type is the most convenient one for DIY-ers, because it doesn’t require the use of flames to be laid over the roof. It makes a great choice if you’re trying to save some budgets and decide to set the component by yourself. After you have peeled the bottom of the film, it will automatically bond to the roofing substrate. In the end, it provides a durable yet cost-effective solution.

  • Shed felt

This tar paper alternative is ideal for garden buildings and sheds. It is available in self-adhesive or torch-on methods of applications. This roofing felt type is made to be visually pleasing to complement with a beautifully landscaped garden. Its waterproof and weatherproof natures depend on the used finish.

Tar paper is a budget-friendly roofing solution that offers excellent performance and longevity—not to mention, it is also easy to replace in case you want to do some roofing renovation project. It is relatively easy to transport and install, so it makes a very practical DIY material option if you’re looking to execute the project by yourself.

The maintenance that this material requires falls on the lower side of the spectrum. A lot of potential problems can be tackled by layering the felt with weatherproof sealant or paint. Beyond its visually pleasing trait, it also tends to last for decades. There are quite a lot of benefits after learning further about what is tar paper, so now you can get better perspective of using and installing this material.

Long Term Use of AO Smith Water Heater

When you want to build a house or already have a house, you may want to have a hot water installation in your home. The solution for providing hot water is to install a water heater. You can consider choosing a long-life ao smith water heater age for a water heating system in your home so that the device has a long-term use function.

What Is A Water Heater?

The water heater is one of the electronic goods in the category of home appliances. It consists of two sentences, which are water and heater. Some people generally just use the word heater to refer to the term from the sentence above.

The water heater is a device used to heat water using energy as a heating source. At first, to get hot water, we usually boil water or use hot water directly from nature. In 1868 a painter from London, England, Benjamin Waddy Maughan invented the first instant domestic water heater. The way this tool works is simple.

Coldwater is placed at the top of the container in the form of a tube filled with a network of thin wires as a heat conductor, where at the bottom is a gas-fired heating device. Then the hot water flows into the bath in the house without any intermediary. Maughan named his discovery Geyser. Currently, some people in England still refer to water heaters as a geyser.

Then one day an engineer from Norway, Edwin Rudd immigrated to America, to be precise to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In that city, he found the blueprint for the first instant water heater made by Maughan. This discovery became the inspiration for Rudd to develop this invention into an automatic water heater machine. Then finally he succeeded in making the first automatic water heater around 1889. This machine is a container in the form of a water storage tank whose water temperature can be regulated mechanically and distributed through water distribution pipes.

Nowadays, water heaters are increasingly developing, many systems are used and raw materials are increasingly diverse from day to day. This is for the satisfaction of consumers who expect the best water heater for them. People consider the long term life of the water heater and one of the options is the ao smith water heater age which has a long life with a long warranty

Types Of Water Heaters

Water heaters that have developed currently have several types that can be found, here are some types:

  1. Electric Water Heater

As the name suggests, this water heater uses electricity as the main energy for its function to heat water. Electric Water Heater also consists of 2 types, namely instant electric water heaters and electric water heaters with a storage system.

  1. Solar Water Heater

This type of water heater is a water heater that uses energy from the sun’s heat. This system is highly rated as economical and without electricity to do its job. This type of water heater is also considered environmentally friendly because all water heating uses heat energy from the sun.

  1. Heat pump water heater

This water heater has a working principle that is basically the same as the working principle of a refrigerator, only the system works in reverse where the air from outside is taken to heat the water. This heat-pump water heater also has 2 types, namely commercial heat pump and domestic heat pump.

  1. Gas Water Heater

This is a water heater that uses gas to heat water. This system is also one of the first generation water heater systems created by Ruud.

Considerations Before Installing A Water Heater

If you want to have a water heating system in your home, there are several things you need to consider before finally deciding to install a water heater. Those considerations are:

  • Check electricity capacity and fuel source

Water heaters used for household purposes generally use electrical or gas energy sources. Therefore, before buying you must check the capacity.

As a consideration, if you choose an electric water heater, your electricity bill can increase. Meanwhile, when using a gas water heater, the daily use of LPG gas will also increase. So, consider carefully which resources are qualified but more efficient.

In addition, when using an electric water heater, you need to check the electrical power. Can it be used to heat a water heater or not?

  • Adjust the storage capacity according to the number of families

Family members should also be taken into consideration before buying a water heater. Because the number of family members will affect the capacity of the selected water heater.

If the water tank is too small, you and the rest of your family will have to wait a long time for the heating process. For that, carefully consider your daily water needs so you can find a water heater with the appropriate capacity.

  • The space of room or place to put the water heater

The place to put the water heater must also be considered. If the area of your house is limited, choose a water heater with standard water heating and a medium-sized water reservoir. These two things must be considered carefully because the tank and water heater usually take up quite a lot of space.

  • Pay attention to the price and maintenance of the water heater

One of the important considerations that should not be overlooked is the price and maintenance. By knowing the price, you can adjust the product you buy with the budget you have. Don’t forget to think about maintenance costs too. This is important to do if it turns out that the water heater is damaged in the future. In addition, also consider the working age of the water heater, for example, the ao smith water heater age which can function for a long time.

Don’t forget to also look at the specifications of the water heating product that you will use for the installation of a water heating system in your home. Specifications such as the working period of a water heater like ao smith water heater age that you should pay attention to.

How to Do Portable Air Conditioner Maintenance

The current hot weather makes various activities less comfortable, especially activities that occur indoors. Usually, people will use fans to reduce the hot air in the room and cool the air. However, nowadays, fans are starting to be abandoned because fans are considered less able to reach the entire room. The existence of a fan is now starting to be replaced by an air conditioner which is considered more functional as a room temperature regulator and its ability to reach the entire room as well as features that have many advantages.

The word air conditioner may be familiar to you and most of you and your family have at least one AC at home. Either as an air conditioner in the bedroom or as an additional tool for air circulation in the living room. Today, air conditioners are equipped with powerful features and other additions. Especially if you live in a metropolitan city with all the noise and pollution that can be said to be at a fairly dangerous level.

In general, there are two types of air conditioners, they are wall air conditioners and portable air conditioners. The main concern at this time is portable air conditioners, which are starting to get a lot of attention from people because they are easier to use than wall air conditioners, which require you to install by dismantling walls and require a fairly large cost.

What Is A Portable Air Conditioner?

The portable air conditioner is an air conditioner unit that is easy to carry, slide, or move. A portable air conditioner is an ideal standalone system for cooling a single room. They can be stored on the floor and come with an installation kit for quick setup. Most portable air conditioner models also have wheels so you can move them to different rooms, making them a great alternative to a fitted air conditioner. This portable air conditioner has a capacity between 1 pk to 2 pk, but some have a capacity of up to 5 pk.

How To Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner also requires proper maintenance. One of the maintenance is to clean it once a month to prevent the dust and dirt that can cause damage to the engine inside. Here we explain a little about how to care for portable air conditioners.

  1. Pre-filter routine cleaning

Get in the habit of regularly washing the pre-filter which is usually located on the top back of the unit. Cleaning these components will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the evaporator coil. If dirt accumulates, it will form a crust or a thick layer of dirt. This can be dangerous because it will disrupt the heat transfer process from the room to the outside which will eventually overheat the compressor.

  1. Cleaning Time

To keep your portable air conditioner cool, the best way is clean the air filter at least once a month, because dirt that is stuck in the air filter can block the airflow and can cause engine damage. In addition, when the air filter is dirty and is forced to work harder continuously, it will have an effect on wasteful electricity consumption. Beside of cleaning the air filter, you also need to clean your entire portable air conditioner. For an entire cleaning of your Portable AC, do it at least twice a year to keep it running efficiently.

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  1. Cleaning Location

If you want to clean a portable air conditioner, you also need to consider the location when doing the cleaning. Avoid spaces that are very dirty or dirty. The reason for avoiding dusty and dirty location areas is that while cleaning is in progress, dust can enter the lower and upper fan motors, contaminate the bearings, and contaminate the winding wires on the motor itself because it may cause mechanical and electrical failure.

If dusty spaces are unavoidable, the best solution is that you should consider take a good use of an antimicrobial filter on your portable air conditioner. This will help clean the dirt. Those were some suggestions that you need to consider and do to take care of your portable ac device. For the last suggestion, save your portable air conditioner if the hot season is over.

Benefits of Using Solar Water Heaters for Your Home

Solar water heaters are the latest and innovative technology in water heating systems installed in a home. This type of water heater is considered much more effective and efficient in terms of cost, performance, and energy savings, which is much more efficient than water heaters with electric and gas energy.

Water heaters with electric or gas power are very dependent on electricity and require large operating costs and gas which is a non-renewable natural resource. Meanwhile, solar water heaters utilize the energy of sunlight that is available in abundance. For several reasons, one of which is energy-saving, people are now starting to switch to choosing energy-friendly goods. If in the past people would tend to choose water heaters with electricity or gas, now they are considering installing solar panels on their roofs.

What Is A Solar Water Heater?

As the name implies, a solar water heater is a device that functions to heat water by using solar energy. This solar water heater is generally installed on the roof of the house.

Solar Water Heater Components

This solar water heater has components that are arranged in one device that making this device able to carry out its functions properly. The components that make up this solar water heater device are:

  • Heat-absorbing collector

This component is a special area that is used as a medium to absorb solar energy. This component must have a high sensitivity to absorb heat, and also be very well insulated, so that it can always be more effective and efficient in carrying out its functions.

Two types of collectors can be applied. The first type is a flat collector in the form of a closed box with an insulating system made of glass or thick plastic. The plate owned by this collector is a broad plate with conducting material so that it can absorb heat perfectly.

While the second type of collector is a vacuum tube. This type of collector is equipped with two glass tubes that have an airtight cavity as an insulator which is very effective in keeping the heat in place and not spreading out. This vacuum tube collector is also considered to be more effective than flat collectors because it has very minimal heat loss.

  • Storage tank

This component is a place that is used to hold water that has been heated by a heat-absorbing collector. Like a thermos that we use to store hot water, so that heat is not easily lost, this component must be coated with the best insulating layer.

Benefits Of Using A Solar Water Heater

Using a solar water heater is considered better than a water heating system that uses electricity or gas. Therefore, here are some benefits of using a solar water heater for your home.

  1. Efficient

One of the main reasons people use this solar water heater is that it is efficient. efficient, what is meant here is that solar panels can convert 80 percent of the radiation from sunlight into heat energy without using external fuel.

  1. Safe for the environment

The solar panel system is a system that applies go-green technology to create a safe environment. In addition, the solar system uses no fuel and even reaches zero emission levels.

  1. No Charge

This solar panel uses energy from the sun. This means we don’t have to pay a dime to the power grid to use electricity. Being a renewable energy source, these solar panels are free and available every day. What we need to do is figure out how to fine-tune our panels to optimize performance in cloudy weather.

  1. Save space

The solar panel system does not take up much space due to the installation of solar panels on the roof of the house.

  1. Easy maintenance

Solar water heaters do not require too much maintenance. This device only requires fairly simple maintenance. This is because these solar water heaters do not contain moving parts, and are made of materials that are not easily torn and broken which require regular attention and maintenance. Some manufacturers of solar water heaters even guarantee that this device will be able to carry out its functions for almost 20-25 years and can even work longer.