How to Do Portable Air Conditioner Maintenance

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The current hot weather makes various activities less comfortable, especially activities that occur indoors. Usually, people will use fans to reduce the hot air in the room and cool the air. However, nowadays, fans are starting to be abandoned because fans are considered less able to reach the entire room. The existence of a fan is now starting to be replaced by an air conditioner which is considered more functional as a room temperature regulator and its ability to reach the entire room as well as features that have many advantages.

The word air conditioner may be familiar to you and most of you and your family have at least one AC at home. Either as an air conditioner in the bedroom or as an additional tool for air circulation in the living room. Today, air conditioners are equipped with powerful features and other additions. Especially if you live in a metropolitan city with all the noise and pollution that can be said to be at a fairly dangerous level.

In general, there are two types of air conditioners, they are wall air conditioners and portable air conditioners. The main concern at this time is portable air conditioners, which are starting to get a lot of attention from people because they are easier to use than wall air conditioners, which require you to install by dismantling walls and require a fairly large cost.

What Is A Portable Air Conditioner?

The portable air conditioner is an air conditioner unit that is easy to carry, slide, or move. A portable air conditioner is an ideal standalone system for cooling a single room. They can be stored on the floor and come with an installation kit for quick setup. Most portable air conditioner models also have wheels so you can move them to different rooms, making them a great alternative to a fitted air conditioner. This portable air conditioner has a capacity between 1 pk to 2 pk, but some have a capacity of up to 5 pk.

How To Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner also requires proper maintenance. One of the maintenance is to clean it once a month to prevent the dust and dirt that can cause damage to the engine inside. Here we explain a little about how to care for portable air conditioners.

  1. Pre-filter routine cleaning

Get in the habit of regularly washing the pre-filter which is usually located on the top back of the unit. Cleaning these components will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the evaporator coil. If dirt accumulates, it will form a crust or a thick layer of dirt. This can be dangerous because it will disrupt the heat transfer process from the room to the outside which will eventually overheat the compressor.

  1. Cleaning Time

To keep your portable air conditioner cool, the best way is clean the air filter at least once a month, because dirt that is stuck in the air filter can block the airflow and can cause engine damage. In addition, when the air filter is dirty and is forced to work harder continuously, it will have an effect on wasteful electricity consumption. Beside of cleaning the air filter, you also need to clean your entire portable air conditioner. For an entire cleaning of your Portable AC, do it at least twice a year to keep it running efficiently.

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  1. Cleaning Location

If you want to clean a portable air conditioner, you also need to consider the location when doing the cleaning. Avoid spaces that are very dirty or dirty. The reason for avoiding dusty and dirty location areas is that while cleaning is in progress, dust can enter the lower and upper fan motors, contaminate the bearings, and contaminate the winding wires on the motor itself because it may cause mechanical and electrical failure.

If dusty spaces are unavoidable, the best solution is that you should consider take a good use of an antimicrobial filter on your portable air conditioner. This will help clean the dirt. Those were some suggestions that you need to consider and do to take care of your portable ac device. For the last suggestion, save your portable air conditioner if the hot season is over.