How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal by Knowing the Causes

How to unclog a garbage disposal? A garbage disposal may appear to be an indestructible tool, but it is far from it. It is prone to frequent obstructions, which can make using your kitchen sink a genuine chore.

A clogged garbage disposal can be difficult to diagnose because the clog might be caused by a single thing, multiple items over time, multiple items at once, or a non-food object. A clog in the garbage disposal might also come from the blades, the construction, or the sink drain. So, what is the most common cause of clogged garbage disposal?

The Cause of Clogging Garbage Disposal

How to unclog a garbage disposal? Most garbage disposal systems include two impellers and a serrated-side canister, similar to a cheese grater. The food particles are pushed up against the canister by the rotating impellers. The remaining debris is then sliced into little bits and mixed with water for a clean flush via the pipes by the serrated parts of the canister. When food particles aggregate in the serrated sides of the grating system and are difficult to be rinsed effectively through the grating system, the water in the sink begins to back up, resulting in a clog.

how to unclog a garbage disposal

  • Water shortage: When the disposal is grinding, you must use enough water. Otherwise, it will clog.
  • Eggshells or coffee grounds: When processed by a disposal, eggshells and coffee grounds can produce extremely fine granules that adhere to everything, including pipes. A clog will form if there is a buildup of them. It is okay to throw coffee grounds down the drain now and then, but not all of the time.
  • Potato peels should always be thrown away rather than disposed of in the garbage disposal. This is because when they are pulverized, they form a starchy paste that clogs the drain.
  • Banana peels: Similar to potato peels, banana peels have stringy strands that can clog pipes.

Inspection by hand

To begin with, look inside the disposal to determine what is causing the obstruction. To locate the clog, use a flashlight and pliers or tongs. To collect the loose item, simply place the pliers or tongs inside the unit. Repeat this technique until the disposal is clear of all objects and debris.

Vinegar with Baking Soda

Baking soda and vinegar are effective home treatments. This bubbly foam combination cleans the device while cutting through food blockages. This solution is very effective in unclogging grease, fat, and oil clogs, as well as deodorizing stinky garbage disposal.

First, put baking soda in the waste disposal.

  • After that, pour vinegar down the garbage disposal.
  • Then, after 20 minutes, wait for the fizz to dissolve the clog.
  • Finally, use hot water to flush the mixture and food waste down the pipe.

You need to take some actions to prevent a future clogging problem in the garbage disposal. If you don’t get a way out of your clogging problem, you should contact a professional plumber with a clog removal service. They may help you to uninstall and reinstall your garbage disposal. They help you to remove clogs and provide maintenance services. Now, you get your answer to your question, “how to unclog a garbage disposal“.